Rebuking The Spirit of Ebola


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I encourage the believers in Texas and Dallas to rise up and rebuke the spirit of Ebola. Please know and understand that Ebola is a spirit first and I am righteously angry because I see the spirit of fear causing many believers to turn tail and run when they should be fighting.

Catch a vision today of who you are in the Lord. Some believers in Dallas need to get together and go over to the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital property and rebuke the spirit of ebola right now. You need to bind that demonic manifestation and cast it out of your city! Churches need to gather and rebuke this spirit. You have the authority and the power to do so. There is no use praying about it… God is not going to do anything about Ebola when He has already given you the authority over that disease and spirit. You have the power and authority because it is your city. Experts from out-of-town are not your answer. If you do not get spiritually aggressive, the devil will have you sitting at home in fear, wearing hazard suits, believing nothing can be done.

Catch a vision today… there are two types of rivers. There is the River of Life and then there is every other river. Ebola means Black River and this blackness wants to flow into your city. Rebuke it! Stop its flow. Right now you are on the front lines of this battle … you did not choose it, it chose you. Bind that spirit, rebuke it and send it back into the pit of hell where it belongs.

Catch a vision today… your city is under siege. By the way, there are other types of spirits attacking your city too. If you neglect and refuse to rebuke them, you might lose your privilege to preach God’s word.

Catch a vision today… God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Repent, rebuke these spirits which are attacking you, and ask the Lord to raise your protective hedge once again.


Blessings – From God’s Incubator,