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“… unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.”  Luke 13:3

      People have a lot of questions they desire to ask God.  They inquire:

  • What about the dinosaurs?
  • What about Cain’s wife?  Where did she come from in the first place?
  • How did all those animals know to come to Noah’s ark? 
  • What about all the hungry people around the world?  Isn’t God concerned about them?
  • What about UFO’s, ghosts, or scandals in the church? 

      Do you have a “what about” question?  If Jesus were standing here today, His answer to these questions would sound something like this; “Don’t be so concerned with the issues you don’t fully comprehend, but concern yourself with repentance and not perishing.”  His response would seem to be blunt to our ears.  It certainly was to the listeners of His day. 

      Unless we believe the Lord loves us and has our best interest at heart, we will view His words harshly.  Actually, Jesus is trying to save us from ourselves.  Most of the time when people ask “what about” questions, it is not out of genuine curiousity.  They ask these types of questions to justify themselves.  They desire to shield themselves from God’s word.  If they catch God in a theological dilemma, then they are freed from having to obey the rest of His word.   When you are seeking a “way out” of something, you will usually find it.    

      Notice, Jesus didn’t fall for this trap.  He directed those listening to a greater dilemma, perishing.  There is something worse here than dying.  It is being condemned in the afterlife. 

      For Jesus the answer is simple.  Repent and give your life back to God.  He will answer all your questions in due time.  When you love God, you hear His answers and receive them in truth.  What about it?