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So they gathered them up, and filled twelve baskets with fragments from the five barley loaves which were left over by those who had eaten.  John 6:13 

      The last two blogs have focused upon the “testings” and times of “strengthening” the Lord brings in our lives to cause real growth in the believer.  While we may mess up the first two stages, it is imperative we constantly feed ourselves with the Lord’s revelation.  For the true disciple, it is always feeding time.  One of the interesting events of this passage is someone had to help the Lord distribute this enormous meal to the people.  Can you imagine witnessing first hand the miracle of Jesus?  Can you imagine taking that miracle and giving it away to thousands of hungry people?  

      What happened to the disciples when this happened?  Did they eat some of the miracle food too?  According the scriptures there were twelve baskets left over, one basket for each disciple.  Each disciple had a testimony of what the Lord had provided.  Jesus strengthens our faith with miracles in order that we may serve others in the power of His name.  It is good to know as we go out to help others in Jesus’ name, Christ Himself has a supply for us as well. 

      The Lord has set aside a basket of manna just for you.  As His people, we need to expect His meals regularly and enjoy them.  Where are you in your process of spiritual growth?   If you are not in a time of testing, you are probably in a season of feeding.  This means He is building you up and causing growth to occur.  Whatever season you find yourself, enjoy it now.  Why?  It will soon change as the Lord moves you from one state of glory to the next.  The important thing is to receive from His hand that which He gives, because it will always be exactly what you need.