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Like an eagle that stirs up its nest, That hovers over its young, He spread His wings and caught them, He carried them on His pinions.”  Deuteronomy 32:11

      A female eagle has an interesting way of picking a mate. She will pick up a twig and fly high into the air and drop it. Male eagles will fly beneath her and try to catch the twig. She will do this until a male has caught the twig three times.   She is not trying to be difficult. 

      The future mother is testing the male for his ability to catch young eagles as they are directed out of the nest for flight. When it’s time for the young eagle to fly on its own, the mother begins to stir up the nest.  The nest, once so comfortable, is gradually torn apart by the mother.  Eventually she pushes her young out of the nest. She carries the young eaglets on her back up high into the air and shakes them off.  How rude!  It is the responsibility of the father to swoop down and catch the young eaglets until they learn to fly on their own.

      The way eagles teach their young to fly is the same way the Lord teaches His children to soar.  Sometimes in our walk with the Lord we resemble young eaglets who need to learn the laws of faith and flight.  At other times the Lord requires believers to exemplify traits of the eagle parents, tough love.   This circle of growing, learning, and testing is repeated over and over again.  The lessons of faith, hope, and love never end. 

      Remember, we need to be ready and expecting opportunities for growth.  Just as the female eagle is testing the male for his reliability, a believer will be tested by God in his or her faithfulness and dependability.   The day is coming when we are no longer learning the lessons of flying or out trying to catch twigs.  Eventually we are given the responsibility for catching souls and walking in the truths of  Kingdom realities. 

      The question is not will these types of lessons will happen in your life.  The question is how well did you fly the last time the Lord pushed you out of the nest?  Growth, maturity, and fruit bearing are on the Lord’s agenda for your life.  Get ready, your next flying and twig catching opportunities are just around the corner.