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For this reason also, since the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding… Colossians 1:9


Evidently, some are satisfied with just a little knowledge from God.  This is why Paul prayed in this fashion.  He knew God’s heart was to fill us with the total knowledge of His will.  Are you currently “being filled” with the knowledge of His will?

One day I discovered that our outside water faucet was busted. It happened during one of those cold winters in the South.  I really didn’t know where to start in the repairing process. But while picking up something at one of those Big Box stores, I decided to talk to someone in the plumbing department. I explained what I heard and saw. This guy knew exactly what I needed.  With so little effort he suggested the right parts and proffered step-by-step instructions to repair the busted pipe.  How was he able to do this with relative ease?  He was filled with knowledge and experience.  He had instructed a hundred others in the same area.  Since I sought him out, he transferred that knowledge and experience.  My new friend had the “know how” and I didn’t.  If I had pushed forward in my own “know how,” the job would have resulted in drips, leaks, and errors. It would have cost me more in time, money, and frustration.  He  knew a way to accomplish the task without soldering pipes.  All I had to do was tap into my new friend’s superior knowledge and gain his experience and knowledge.  It only took 5-10 mins to get the “know how.”

The word for “knowledge” in verse nine is “gnosis”.   In this text, the preposition “epi” which means “over” is added on to this word knowledge.   So the idea here is we can have “over knowledge” or “complete knowledge” not just partial knowledge about God’s will.  Does all this sound like something you wish to possess?

Every day we are invited to spend time with the Lord to learn how to get our job in the kingdom accomplished the correct way.  Jesus has the “know how.” We don’t.  The Lord doesn’t want us to possess a partial knowledge or simply a little knowledge about certain issues.  When we neglect giving ourselves adequate time with the Lord, we end up with drips, leaks, and errors.  Understand, our knowledge of the Holy ought to be as practical as it is theological.  In other words… our hands, feet, and hearts should be busier than our brains.  If our “complete knowledge” simply fills our heads with facts and figures about the Bible, then we haven’t really spent time with the Lord.


In my pastoral ministry, I have met people who have become intoxicated with ‘studying the deeper truths of the Bible.’ Usually they have been given a book or introduced to some teacher’s teachings. Before long, they get so smart they become dumb! The ‘deeper truths’ they discover only detour them from practical Christian living. Instead of getting burning hearts of devotion to Christ, they get big heads and start creating problems in their homes and churches.  Warren Wiersbe


Knowledge for knowledge’s sake is dangerous. It leads to pride. But the knowledge we gain is supposed to take us somewhere.  This is why the Bible always equates knowledge with “walking“.  If we are unable to walk-out what we have been taught…. then what we have learned is useless.  This is why verse 10 says, “…so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord to please Him in all respects…”   Walk refers to a lifestyle.  Our Father is concerned about our whole life!  Can you say your whole lifestyle is worthy of the Lord and pleasing to Him? “All respects” is everything.  Is it your goal to please the Lord in all matters? I talk to lots of people who are interested in pleasing the Lord in most things. But I talk to very few who make it their goal to please Him in all things.



A lot of believers struggle in defending the faith.  Yes, they can quote scriptures and debate the issues.  But, the struggle we are in today demands more than intellectual prowess.   In fact, if this is all we have to offer, we will ultimately lose the battle.  There is no better defense of the truth in all the world than a person whose hope in God is so strong that they gladly deny themselves in order to meet the needs of others.  Somewhere along the lines the truth should become so real to us we choose to lay down our lives for it.

Real truth always bears the same fruit….love.  Yes, sometimes it looks like kindness, generosity, and patience.  In the end…it is love.  The big question is, if someone came along picking fruit from your life right now, will they want to be like you ….will they want to know the Lord Jesus Christ …. will they want to know His will for their own life?

Yes, we do need to possess the right knowledge.  This knowledge needs to be complete.  It is complete when the Lord has done such a perfect work in you, you willingly lay down your life for it.  Your conduct, your conversation, and your character are the fruits of your life. This is what people are seeing and hearing.  You can say you are a believer with the loudest voice possible, but know this ….people will check the fruit.  You can say that you don’t believe in fruit inspectors, but understand, they are out there. The whole world is checking out the fruit of those who call themselves “believers.”  In many cases they have rejected it… and I don’t blame them.