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Have you ever noticed in Scripture it says… “The word of the Lord came to ________.” This phrase was also used to describe God’s word coming into John the Baptist’s life. (Luke 3:2)  This meant God’s information wasn’t previously flowing in his life but now is flowing. The words of God were not there prior to this experience but now they are. Even though all the previous points I’ve been blogging about may be true about God’s man or woman… the Word of the Lord must arrive to bring legitimacy. This flow of revelation becomes the main demarcation point in their life. When the word of the Lord arrives it changes everything. The word creates a “point of no return” in your life.

When did the word of the Lord come to Moses? It happened at the burning bush (Exodus 3). Moses wanted God’s people delivered some forty years earlier. He felt a calling of sorts, but until the burning bush experience, he lacked the revelation. Everything changed for Moses once he heard God speak. He went into the event not hearing from God clearly. He exited hearing God, having a purpose, and knowing his destiny.

Saul was just an ordinary man until he met a prophet one day. He was already called to be King. Then with help from a prophet, he received words from the Lord. Afterward, the Holy Spirit came upon him and he even prophesied himself. Before this day, God speaking was a foreign experience. 2 Samuel 10 tells us that Saul was changed into another man in a single day. Saul and Moses are like so many others. Once God speaks and the flow of revelation comes into their lives, they are never the same.

This means a decision must be made concerning God’s word. You probably know this point already, but the Lord never forces Himself or His will upon anyone. Everyone gets to choose. The same is true for a prophet, teacher, preacher, pastor, or leader. Even though God may call… even though prophetic words hover over them… even though they have survived life and death situations….. these men and women of God have to voluntarily give themselves to the Lord and His program 100 percent. It is a matter of saying “yes.”

I know when my wife and I hear a word from the Lord, we always strive to be quick in communicating to the Lord we are willing to do it or willing to follow the Lord in obedience. The Lord doesn’t force us. He allows us to choose. All words get challenged. If we believe God has “forced” a decision upon us, we will have a tendency to blame Him when difficult times come because of the word. Did I say all words get tested? The good thing about it is God’s word purifies us in the process. If you are in God’s process, allow His word to come into your life. You will never be the same.