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“In humility receive the word implanted, which is able to save your souls. But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.” James 1:21


  • It takes humility to accept a Gospel message which says you are a no good sinner.
  • It takes humility to openly receive a message which says you need to be told how to live your life.
  • It takes humility to accept counsel which tells you need to change your attitudes, your ways of thinking, your speech, and your behavior.

The Humble Planter begins their journey willing to accept instruction, correction, and reproof found in the Word. I really can’t say enough about this issue. In the Kingdom the person with a humble stature stands heads and shoulders upon the rest. This believer will receive the most and be in a position of favor. The tough part is remaining in this place.

Alex Haley, the author of “Roots,” had an unusual picture hanging on his office wall. It was a picture of a turtle on top of a fence post. When asked, “Why was the picture resting in such a prominent place?” Alex Haley answered, “Every time I write something significant, every time I read my words and think that they are wonderful… and begin to feel proud of myself… I look at the turtle on top of the fence post and remember that the turtle didn’t get there on his own. He had help.

Without God’s help… we will not reach our destination either! We need the Lord in the beginning, the middle, and at the end of our journey.

James doesn’t stop with humility. James says, “Receive the word implanted.” What does he mean? Why are we to implant? Implant means to engraft the word. Sometimes words come to us as seeds and sometimes they arrive to us as roots!

I’ve seen my mother and my wife root certain plants in a glasses of water. When the roots begin to grow they “implanted” them quickly in fresh dirt. We like to use the word “transplant” when speaking today. The larger question is why does God talk about the word being “seeds” in one passage and words needing to be “implanted” in other passages?

In essence, they both are the same. The difference is in how they arrive to us personally. Seed words are in their infancy. When words come to us as roots they are already partially grown. The important issue is that those words from heaven find a home in our heart, mind, and soul.

When I was a new believer every word of God seemed to come to me in “seed” form. I was definitely a greenhorn Christian. Everything the Lord did in my life was brand new. Sometimes the Lord had to reissue those seeds because I wasn’t faithful with them. I have been a believer now for over thirty-six years. In my youth some teachings took a long time before they took root. Now, many things the Lord teaches me arrive in roots. He knows I will be more faithful with His precious truths.

Again, the big difference is not found in the root or seed… it is in what we do with God’s word. God knows in order for us to act and obey on His word… we must implant those words quickly, while they still have an opportunity to grow. The shelf life on God’s word is limited. As I have written before, the word will be stolen, choked, or starved out if we do not get them into our hearts and minds.

The fact is: if you don’t implant the Word, you won’t be doers of the Word. You will join one of those “Hearer Only Clubs“. We have enough of those people packing the pews today. They know plenty but act very little.

Norman Vincent Peale tells the story of walking through the twisted little streets of Kowloon in Hong Kong. He said, “I came upon a tattoo studio. In the window were displayed samples of the tattoos available. On the chest or arms you could have tattooed an anchor or flag or mermaid or whatever. But what struck me with force were three words that could be tattooed on one’s flesh, “Born to Lose.

I entered the shop in astonishment and, pointing to those words, asked the Chinese tattoo artist, “Does anyone really have that terrible phrase, Born to lose, tattooed on his body?”  He replied, “Yes, sometimes.”  “But,” I said, “I just can’t believe that anyone in his right mind would do that.

The Chinese man simply tapped his forehead and said in broken English, “Before tattoo on body, tattoo on mind.

Everyday something or some words are being tattooed on your mind and heart. The only question is what are you allowing to be tattooed in your most holiest of places. Our Heavenly Father wants to tattoo the best of His words on your heart and mind. He is sending His seeds and roots your way. The only question is are you allowing this process to happen? Agree with King David and say… “Thy word I have treasured in my heart.