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Turn My Troubles Over to God


If you set your heart and mind on following Jesus, the storms of life will arise for two reasons.

The Devil Is Real!

If you begin to do the will of God, the devil is not going to let you grow unhindered. He will attempt to throw everything into your boat, including the kitchen sink. He wants to sink your ship and have you blame God at the same time. He is the master distracter.  The Bible gives him two job descriptions. When scripture uses the word “devil” to describe him, it usually is referring to him being a tempter. When scripture uses the word “Satan” to describe him, it usually is referring to him being an accuser.  He won’t appear in a puff of smoke in front of you in order to scare you. He has no interest in this activity. He wants to make the lives of God’s people miserable. If you are not enduring some of his antics, then you are not even worth attacking. Get busy, because I need some relief.

God Seeks to Demonstrate His Faithfulness and 

Strengthen Your Own Personal Faith.

As I said yesterday, it was Jesus who led the disciples into the boat. Evidently, He led them there with the very purpose of strengthening their faith. How do we know? Faith was the issue on His mind once the event concluded. This wasn’t a demonic encounter. No, they will all experience one once they reach the other side of the lake. Instead, this event was carefully designed and orchestrated by God to increase their faith.

By the way – since this lesson didn’t take, do you think these fearful disciples will have to undergo a similar test again? Yes, Jesus will later allow them to be treated in the same fashion, only next time He will walk on the water and leave the disciples struggling on their own.

If we neglect our lessons… we will face them again down the road. I hear believers say all the time… “I’m tired of having to face the same temptations and trials over and over.” Life has become a “Spiritual Groundhog Day” for them. If you are truly tired of it, then learn and grow. It is the quickest way out! The Lord is not trying to hurt or hinder us… He is attempting to create opportunities for us to grow. We need to remember the Lord’s word and the Lord’s presence go together. If you get one, you automatically get the other. Jesus was on-hand or nearby on both occasions.  You are never alone.