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Man believes


I was reading an article on the impact names have upon us. You can read it here. I’ve read similar articles, so I don’t want to rehash old news, but names speak consciously and unconsciously. God knew this and knows this. One of Adam’s first jobs was to name the animals. On numerous occasions, the Lord changed people’s names to reflect their calling, destiny, or purpose. Sometimes, the Lord spoke prophetically into someone’s life to change their course and destiny. Gideon would be an example. The Lord called him a “mighty man of valor” long before any type of valor was present.

When God called me some 35 years ago, He called me a “preacher.” I can still hear the word. Yeah, I have seen the old Clint Eastwood movie, Pale Rider. It wasn’t like the movie and I didn’t shoot up a town of bad people. I digress… sorry. The point is … I have fulfilled that calling because the Lord spoke it. There is power in a name. There have been numerous times in counseling sessions when I pronounced a word of healing to someone suffering… via the Lord’s direction. I knew if I continued to stay the course and repeated that word of hope, it would eventually take hold. Why? Because names change us, words change us.

What has God spoken to you about lately?

  • It may be a corrective word.
  • It may be a word of hope or direction.
  • It might simply be a word of love.

Heaven’s words are not an accident. Allow those words to sink deep into your spirit and repeat them. The word will change you.

You need them. I need them. All God’s children need them. If you haven’t heard from the throne room in a while… slow down…get that word. Your destiny awaits.


Blessings – From God’s Incubator,