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Little Key Heavy Door


I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.” Matthew 16:19


God has given believers the authority to open and shut the doors of heaven. A big part of having a key is learning to be responsible with it. You understand its purpose and know its importance. If we fail to come into agreement with what the Bible says about Kingdom Keys, we will ultimately fail at opening and closing the doors of heaven.

A key is a mechanism or device which opens something. If you have the key to something, you have the authority to open it. I have in my pocket some keys to a Ford F150, a Land Rover, and keys to storage units.

What does it mean? If I have keys to a vehicle, I have the authority to unlock it, to get in, possess all its contents, and drive away. If I have the key to a storage unit, I have the authority to open it, unlock it, go inside, and once I’m inside… I have access to the contents of whatever has been placed there.

All this is not spiritual rocket science, but whoever holds the keys has the authority to open and close. Jesus is saying, “I am going to give you some keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.” A part of receiving these keys is knowing what Jesus’ knows and then coming into agreement with what Jesus reveals about those keys. It is not difficult to comprehend, but many fail to follow Jesus’ words.

We are accustomed to having and using keys… they are a part of our normal and everyday life. In Jesus day they had keys and locks as well, but it was usually only kings and wealthy people who had such doors and locks. The king would pick out a trusted servant to whom he would give the key to the storeroom. This was the highest honor the king could bestow.

This trusted servant would take the key and wear it on a chain around his neck.  It would be obvious to all that he had the keys of entrance to the palace, and further, into the treasures of the king. If the steward was doing his job correctly he would never take the chain from around his neck. He wore it continually as a sign of the authority given to him by the king.

The man who had the key was the man who could let you inside to see the king, or he was the man who could refuse you entrance. This is what’s behind Jesus’ statement when he says, “I will give you the keys to the kingdom.” Jesus is giving His servants charge of the storeroom!

I cannot express to you the importance of this scripture. But simply knowing about the Keys of the Kingdom is not enough. All believers must believe in the benefits found in God’s storehouse and the importance of using the keys. This teaching from Jesus is like a lot of other Biblical teachings… everyone is aware of it, but very few if any apply it. Most everyone I know is fully aware of the “armor of God” found in Ephesian 6. They know about it… they can tell you about it… but they never put on the armor. Knowing and doing are two different things.

Ask the Lord today about possessing and using the Keys to the Kingdom. The Lord is not trying to keep heaven’s bounty from us… He is simply explaining how the Kingdom works.


Blessings – From God’s Incubator