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His Love Never Fails

Then Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until daybreak. Genesis 32:24

Inside this story of Jacob’s wrestling match with God is an apt picture of the believer’s relationship to God. Walking with God is not some gentle glide in which all things come easily and naturally. Many of our struggles are with God Himself. Not that we are gonna win. But, we think we are correct most of the time or there would be no wrestling. It is only after our wrestlings with the Almighty that we discover… He was right all along.

Just what is wrestling with God about anyway? Wrestling is our opportunity to become broken. It is a slow dance in which the most powerful God enforces His work and will. The stronger prevails and eventually takes the lead in the dance of life.

Wrestling with God is not pretty. In fact, when people give testimonies about how God moved in their life… they usually leave out the wrestling with God part. Hmmm. God’s goal is not to maim, hurt, or kill us. God simply wants us to surrender our strength and position. He wants the strife against Him and His word to cease. What most do not understand is they are not wrestling against God for evil… they are wrestling against God for good… goodness sake. It is God’s infinite grace which confounds us. It is His great love and compassion which brings us to our knees in surrender. The Father wants us to enter into His rest, not become a better wrestler.

There is an opportunity for each of us today. Instead of going around and around with God trying to prove why you are right, discover His grace and goodness. Choose instead to enter into His rest. The Lord wants to bless you today!

Blessings – From God’s Incubator,