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The saints of old used to inquire, “how many stars are in your crown?” We don’t ask this question much any more. Paul thought a lot about it and so should you… if you believe in the rewards of the afterlife.

For who is our hope or joy or crown of exultation? Is it not even you, in the presence of our Lord Jesus at His coming? I Thessalonians 2:19


For the believer, a “soul winner’s crown” is available for those who lead others to Jesus. In return, the believer will cast his or her crown at Jesus’ feet. What an honor! This is why Paul wanted to fill his crown with jewels or stars. Each jewel represented a person he led to the Lord.

Sometimes we can get caught up in counting nickels and noses at church. In the end, these types of numbers will not be remembered… but, jewels will never be forgotten.

Think about it for a moment. Someone received a jewel for leading you to the Lord. It can never be taken away from them. You may also have received a jewel or star in your crown if you have led someone to the Lord. This can never be taken away from you.

I realize not everyone is an evangelist or even skilled at sharing the Good News. But, we all can sow in these fields and ministries. I believe God keeps accurate records of such things. He knows every seed we have planted and every dollar we have given to help the poor, support missions and evangelistic ministries. These records are not kept in order to condemn you or judge you… no … they are kept in order to reward you for a job well done. The Lord wants to say… “Well done my good and faithful servant… enter into the joy or your master!”  (Matthew 25:21)

When we get excited about such things, we will be passionate just like Paul and those traveling the road with him. There is nothing wrong with planning ahead. There is nothing wrong with winning the prize, receiving your crown, and being able to cast your rewards at the feet of Jesus. Get busy today so your crown will be full of stars!


Blessings – From God’s Incubator,