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 His disciples said, “Lo, now You are speaking plainly and are not using a figure of speech.”  John 12:29

      We think it would be a great thing if the Lord spoke plainly to us without pictures, parables, or stories.  But the Lord purposefully injects these types of enhancements so that we might not see or hear so quickly.  The Father wants us to dig a little deeper and search a little longer, so His revelations might mean more to us when we finally discern their full interpretation. 

      The Lord spoke to me one day in this same fashion about the church.  He said, “There is no safety in numbers.”  I knew this was not a biblical quote and it bothered me somewhat that the Lord said it.  All this made me dig outside the scripture with reflection and prayer.  A few days later the Lord added, “The church as a whole huddles together in packs placing their faith and trust in their numbers instead of Me.  Since they believe alike, they believe there is safety in numbers.  They do not want to be judged separately.  This is a false peace.”  

      I knew this type of activity displeased the Lord.  Our comfort and inward peace should not come from the knowledge that we believe as our neighbor believes.  The Lord does not want His children holding a “pack mentality.”  Real comfort, peace, and contentment only comes from personally knowing Jesus as Savior and Lord.  Regardless of the numbers, the Lord wants His children to be able to stand alone. 

      I would not have known these truths had not the Lord spoken, “There is no safety in numbers.”  Ask the Lord today to speak to you any way He chooses.  Revelation awaits!