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It is good for us to be here, let us build three tabernacles”  Luke 9:33

      Do you ever feel compelled to seek  the Lord?  The Father is constantly drawing all men to Himself, through Jesus.  This process never ends, even after we have come to know Him.  We are forever being drawn to our Lord.  It is a good thing!  What we do when we arrive in His presence though, reveals much about our inward spiritual status.  Peter, James, and John started acting religious when they awoke and realized the glory of the Lord was near. 

       Because we are made in the image of God, men by nature are religious beings.  We are created for worship.  But, performing religious rituals and offering religious activities is not what the Lord seeks from us. 

      Notice, the first utterance from Peter’s mouth when the glory appears, “Let’s build sacred tents (tabernacles).”  The flesh is constantly calling us to ‘get busy’ for God.  These feeble attempts to somehow please God only serves to make us feel better about our spiritual shortcomings.  The Father doesn’t require or desire our religious activities.  From His mouth He told us exactly what He expected on that mountaintop.  “This is My Son, My chosen One; listen to Him.” 

      I believe the Lord affords us many opportunities to come into His presence.  How we approach Him and what we offer Him is of extreme importance.  We can be like some and have our offerings rejected.  Or, we can be like others and be accepted into His presence.  Listening to the Lord outweighs any religious activity or ritual you might perform.  Busy yourself today with listening and obeying the words of Jesus.