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Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division;”  Luke 12:51

      Why did Jesus say things like this about Himself?  We all grew up hearing the Christmas story.  The Christmas message reminds us of a sweet baby who was meek and mild.  There is a big difference in that story and Jesus’ statements here.  Jesus affirms here that He will split families in half.  How can both “peace” and “division” be true about Jesus? 

      Jesus didn’t stay wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.  He grew in favor with God and man.  At the right moment He presented Himself as the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world.  He did not come to condemn us but to save us all. 

      So it is not the sweet baby that brings division, but the crucified King who continues to rule and reign that causes consternation in people.  Whether it was Jesus walking the earth 2000 years ago or currently living in believers today, He always brings division.  Every person born on earth must choose – “Will Jesus be my Savior, Lord and King?”  Jesus said it best, “He who is not for Me is against Me.”  There is no place to hide.  Jesus’ presence does not condemn but His presence causes all men to choose wrongly or rightly. 

       Division continues to be evidenced in our society today.  If Jesus is not the real Savior of mankind, then why are some so interested in removing Christmas from every county and courthouse in America.  If Christ is not real, then who cares if people speak His name in public.  If Jesus is not the real deal, no one would care if Christians prayed in school or at high school graduations.   But the truth is… people care immensely. 

     One of the reasons you can know for sure Jesus is Lord, is because of the division He causes.  Bottomline, if Jesus is not for real, people wouldn’t care.  But since there is a vehement outcry against Christ, it reveals the truth of His convicting power manifesting in every person’s life.  The next time you see an atheist file some frivolous law suit against Christianity, he is giving testimony of the reality of Jesus Christ. 

      Go ahead, take the name and presence of Christ with you today.  Start a fire and bring division upon your corner of the earth!  Jesus did.