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Jesus said, “I must journey on today and tomorrow and the next day; for it cannot be that a prophet would perish outside of Jerusalem.”  Luke 13:33

      It may surprise you, but from Heaven’s perspective you have spiritual transportation.  God views His children moving along, spiritually speaking, at certain speeds and conditions.  In order to communicate this, the Lord gives us a snap-shots of our current vehicle. Here is a short list of some of the ways the Lord has spoken to believers about their rides. 

  • Crawling, walking, running
  • Tricycle, bicycle, scooter, motorcycle
  • Sportscar, minivan
  • Hummer, RV, bus,
  • Plane, rocket  

      All of these are snapshots of how you are progressing or possibly regressing in your spiritual journey.  Obviously, moving in a car is better than walking.  Remember, the Lord wants us to know how we are progressing.  So, how is your ride?  Right now would be a great time to ask the Lord for a status update! 

      In this passage, the religious leaders were seeking to interrupt Jesus’ progress by claiming Herod was out to kill Him.  Jesus would have none of their interference.  How could He be so confident?  Jesus knew His destination and how He was going to get there.  Herod was not a part of the Father’s plan.  If Jesus had this confidence, so can we. 

     Today, ask the Father to give you a picture of your destiny and future.  Catch a vision of your destination and the spiritual transportation the Lord desires you to possess.  It just may change your life!