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      Our readiness to be used is important.  The Lord knows the truth.  The question remains, do we?  We have a tendency to think of ourselves in better spiritual shape than we actually are.  Here is a six fold test to measure our readiness. 

  1. Have you been obedient to what you already know?  The Holy Spirit has already been speaking to you in some shape, form or fashion.  To assure you hear new information, you must be obedient to what the Holy Spirit has previously spoken. 
  2. Are you open to receive divine appointments?  Before you get big assignments, you are given small assignments.  These small assignments reveal whether you are willing to have your life interrupted for His service. 
  3. Are you available to be prompted by the Holy Spirit?  The Holy Spirit doesn’t forecast two weeks in advance when He is going to speak to you.  He doesn’t consult with your Daytimer.  He prompts conveniently and inconveniently.  This shouldn’t test our obedience, but simply prove it. 
  4. Are you open to be a part of supernatural movements of the Spirit?  The movements of the Holy Spirit are not always neat and orderly.  Miracles, deliverances, and healings are often surrounded by commotion.  Most will be uncomfortable with the flow of the Holy Spirit, but you must remain in the center of what the Holy Spirit is doing. 
  5. Are you open to the insight and revelations of other believers?  The Holy Spirit moves in other believers and you must be able to receive from them as well.  This knits you into the greater body of Christ. 
  6. Are you willing to let God change what you want?  If you have been a believer for any length of time, you have some “wants” for yourself and the Kingdom of God.  Part of the Holy Spirit’s job description is to take the things of God and make them known to you.  As this process unfolds, it changes us.   Our wants and desires become the Lord’s wants and desires.