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       Are you growing up in the Lord?  It’s not like you can stand in the doorway of God’s kitchen and let Him measure your height and make a notch on the door frame.  But there should be indicators that we are growing strong in the Lord.  I am not talking about church attendance or regular Bible reading.  Hopefully you have those things under control. 

     Follow in the next few devotionals and examine yourself to determine if you are truly growing. 

  1.  Your Appetite Changes!  Tastes for certain types of material and activities should leave your system and be replaced with a Godly appetites.  Job said, “I have esteemed the words of Thy mouth more than my necessary food.”  (Job 23:12)  If you struggle in this area, ask the Lord to change your appetite.  Once you move away from worldly junk food and begin treasuring the revelational words from heaven, your appetites will change. 
  2. You Become Disgusted With The Shameful!  The more you become like Christ (this is God’s plan for every believer) the more you will find yourself turning away in disgust at activities that once fascinated you.  There  is no need to list a bunch of activities to illustrate what is shameful.  Paul wrote that before we met Christ we were enemies with God and our “god was our belly and whose glory was in our shame.”  Now that we are His children, He gives us a “shame meter.”  The world doesn’t possess this type of shame meter, but the believer is given a strong sense of right and wrong.  We know we are growing up in the Lord when this shame meter speaks to us with clarity.      

      Remember, the Lord is not expecting you to inflict your appetite and shame meter on other believers.   These first two changes are internal transformations within you.  They are a part of the Lord’s “salt and light” program and reveal that we are His children.