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      We are continuing to examine the top ten ways to know you’re growing.  This is the fourth installment. 

      7.  A New Generosity!  Since God gives and gives of Himself, we are just being like Him when we give.  As we grow in Him our level of generosity is raised to new levels.  Where we place our money, time, resources, and energy reveals where our heart is.   The Lord wants all His children to become “cheerful givers.” 

      Jesus spent a lot of time speaking to the “internal” issues of a person’s life.  Giving is an external demonstration of an internal conviction.  The Lord doesn’t want us to just go through the motions of giving to others.  He wants us to be blessed by the process as well.  The more we receive from heaven, the more we will be able to give of our own resources, as well as heaven’s.  Is there an open channel from heaven to you and then to others? 

      8.  Joy In Anonymous Acts!  It is said of Jesus that “He went about doing good”  (Acts 10:38)  The growing believer will leave a trail of blessed people in his/her wake.  Have you found the joy of giving without expecting anything in return?  Our real blessings come when we never demand or expect anything in return. 

      Where we give is important to people.  How we give is important to the Lord and indicates if we are really maturing in Him.  If you struggle keeping your acts of righteousness off the radar, then you need work in this area.  Jesus encouraged people to pray and give in secret.  (see Matthew 6:3-4)   Most of our prayer for others should be anonymous.  If you feel the need to keep reminding people how much you are praying for them, then it may indicate your lack of faith and confidence in the power of prayer and the Lord.  Have you learned to pray anonymously and leave the results to the Lord?  Praying and giving the way Jesus prescribed can change your life!