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      This is final installment of  ways to know you are growing.  We will be discussing the top two indicators. 

      9.  More Silence In Your Prayer Time!  Good friends enjoy silence with each other.  Because their relationship is matured, they don’t feel the need to fill the vacuum of silence with chatter.  I have even had the Lord tell me, “you talk too much.”  Ouch!  Suffice it to say, I have had to learn that prayer is more than just talking to God.  Prayer involves a deeper level of intimacy that mere words dare to tread. 

      Someone asked Mother Teresa one time, “You pray hours a day.  What do you talk about all that time?”  She said, “Mostly, I just listen.”  This simple answer was puzzling to the questioner.  He further inquired, “You listen to God?  What does He say?”  She answered, “Mostly He just listens too.” 

     Have you learned to enjoy and appreciate the comfort and presence of the Lord?  Or…does your prayer time have to be filled with words all the time?  I believe Jesus knew how to enjoy the presence of His Father.  He knew heaven’s discourse, how to ask and receive from the Father. 

      10. Unceasing Prayer!  When asked how long you pray each day, you should have no idea.  The scriptures exhort us to “pray without ceasing” (I Thessalonians 5:17) and to “pray always.” (Ephesians 6:18)   It is imperative all believers have quiet times with the Lord.  The problem is we have a tendency to “lock” God out of the rest of the day.  We relegate prayer to that “special time” with God we set aside each day.  Our quiet moments with the Lord are not meant to be the end all, but should set the tone for the rest of our day. 

      I am amused by polls that reveal the average Christian prays about 45 minutes a day.  This means many believers are not praying at all.  Wow!  If you are truly growing in the Lord, you have grown way past this point.  Those who desire to mature in the Lord know that constant prayer changes everything, including themselves.  Make it your goal to stay connected to the Lord 24/7.