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In the Process


“Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obey it.” Luke 11:28


According to Jesus a blessed life is one which hears from heaven and obeys. Revelation always demands a response — you can’t be neutral, unaffected or indifferent. When Jesus spoke or performed a miracle, the people around responded with general amazement .. “How could this Man do this?” Some even attributed His power to Satan. Others were more guarded and demanded another sign from Him. Jesus called these types of seekers “wicked and unbelieving.”

Many of the people hanging around Jesus’ ministry showed no evidence of real spiritual discernment … the type of understanding which leads to obedience. Discernment isn’t really discernment unless it leads to obedience. Most people I know like to think of themselves as discerning individuals. In reality, if we are not obedient to God’s word, then we are not discerning at all.

I believe many people attend church, conferences, and other spiritual meetings searching for hidden truths which might give them spiritual insight and power. Jesus reminds us the secret is not found in rubbing shoulders with spiritual giants, but in simple obedience to the truths you already know. In fact, if we neglect our own personal obedience, then our last state is worse than our first!

The Bible repeats this simple theme many times in many different pictures because we need to hear it. We are called to build our house upon the rock, be good soil, be light in dark places, and repent.

The Lord is speaking to each of us today. The only question is whether or not our heart is ready to receive His revelation in total obedience.